Art Exhibition On Governor's Island

Governor's Island hosts a variety of events throughout the summer, including art exhibits, theatrical performances and musical concerts. It also has over five miles of biking paths, and you can bring your own bike or rent one for a few hours. People were walking, biking, picnicking and having an all-around grand old time when we got there.

We happened upon the island during an art exhibition that took place in multiple locations around the island. Like most of the art world, you had to endure a search through a lot of bad art to find the few decent works. Two artists in particular caught my attention.

Catch Me by Kim Meijer was installed in a dark corner room of the basement of a house, and I was immediately breathless when I laid eyes on her video installation:

"This project is inspired by family relationships and our search of finding a balance between independence and connection to the people we love. At the same time it questions the way we perceive and experience these relationships. The house is a symbol for the place where we create our intimate connections. Yet, the house casts a big shadow, showing the fragility and transience of our relationships and life in general."

Up All Night Sleeping by Tara Parsons was on an upper level of the house in a brightly lit bedroom, and even without reading the artist's statement you were compelling to participate in the installation:

"Please come into the room, take off your shoes, and lie down on the bed. Recall your dreams. Do you have a recurring dream? Do you dream in a theme? Are you awakened by nightmares? Record your dreams by writing them on the ribbon located on the nightstand. Pin your dream to the canopy."

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