A Walk Around The West Village

Whilst waiting for the subway today I overheard B├ęsame Mucho played on a Chinese string instrument, and it made me smile.

I sauntered around the West Village neighborhood today, moving slowly in the heat of the afternoon and wishing I could afford a fancy lunch at one of the attractive restaurants in the area. After satiating myself with a granola bar I stopped by Yoya and Yoyamart. The former is sweet boutique for infants and tots, filled with modern baby objects, such as Scandinavian minimalist highchairs, posh toys and designer clothes. The latter store is an edgier space for toddlers and adults, the walls stacked with urban vinyl toys and racks lined with pricey graphic tees and hoodies.

From there I wandered down Bleecker Street, poking my head into the occasional boutique and antique store, of which the street has plenty. The shots above are from streets close to the Hudson River, quiet and almost suburban. The window display is from an apothecary I passed.

Later I stood behind a foreigner at Starbucks that was requesting a "medium"-sized coffee, and the barista kept correcting the man with "grande" and he was so confused that eventually he walked away, sans coffee. Stupid elitist Starbucks drink sizes.